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Digital Advertising

With technology in the palm of our hands, captivating the human mind has never been harder. The past times of print and television marketing have been taken over by the digital world and we’re here to help you navigate this new space.

Without understanding these new methods of advertising, chances are you are throwing your money away on less effective advertising. Let our experts guide you and leverage the power of social media to get a neat ROI.

We’ve committed ourselves to studying and understanding trends within the digital marketing space. Our integrated digital advertising strategies are geared towards being efficient and effective by bringing you new revenue and driving up your customer retention.

Through our data-data driven research, we are able to make sure every ad targets a specific set of users to create desired results.

Our digital advertising experts will:

  • Streamline your digital marketing strategy to attack all channels
  • Determine your brand’s shortcomings and provide actionable solutions
  • Create and implement astute demand generation techniques to drive up ROI
  • Monitor the industry space and keep track of your competition, identifying their weaknesses and how your brand can assert itself

Scale with us to grow your bottom line and as we continue to strategize your campaigns depending on your ever-changing needs and the prevailing state of the business climate.


Pay Per Click

Nudge your sales funnel to life with our proprietary technology that implements well-optimized, researched and data-driven strategies.

Our strategies contain a combination of high-cost/low-cost keywords to make sure you are reaching a wide audience with proper ROI margins for you. We ensure that you outsmart your competition instead of outspending them.

To do this, we:

  • Analyze your preferred location and target demographic
  • Audit your system to point out areas that require trimming, making your business a lean machine
  • Provide a comprehensive plan detailing the strategies for higher ROI

We are business owners too - we understand how much of an investment you are making with us and want to make it worth your while!

As we maneuver to get your brand out in front of the field through paid media, we also glean plenty of vital keyword data and insights that we can then channel into your organic SEO.

By entrusting us with your business, you ensure that your brand will be easily found and remembered - placing it front and center whenever your industry is mentioned.


Over 90% of consumers look to online reviews from credible sites such as Yelp, Google or Facebook before making purchasing decisions. This is your most important line of defense against your competition and your first impression with potential customers. 

By making sure your reviews high rated (4.5 stars and above) and well managed, you are driving customers to your business.

Responding to reviews – both good and bad – is crucial for keeping your page relevant and building credibility with future consumers. Consumers check review outlets to see how active businesses are and will pass on a business that is dormant or inactive in this space. 

Check for yourself. You’ll notice that the most successful businesses have the most active review pages and reputations.

Enter Discovering Digital. We:

  • Keep our ear to the ground to readily pick up any rumblings that might be detrimental to the credibility of your brand
  • Craft content for your various social channels to keep a positive and interactive bond with your current and potential customers
  • Are proactive and always ready with an effective strategy to keep the mud off your spanking clean name



The first point of contact between you and your client, your website is your brand and identity. We want to make sure we create the best first impression for you, so your clients feel like they don’t have to look further for the services they're looking for.

Did you know that over 71% of consumers check online websites via mobile? That’s why we want to make sure you are making the most mobile-friendly, SEO ready site.

With a full suite of web design services, we craft sleek, modern and intuitive sites to optimize conversion.

Our web design and mobile app development team offers the following:

  • Consultation to determine what your brand targets are
  • Fresh web design that takes into account the user experience as well as the business perspective
  • Incorporation of eCommerce features to convert visitors into sales
  • Intuitive mobile apps to put your brand directly in the palm of your customers
  • Continuous optimization of your site to ensure that it’s at the leading edge of all the standards 

Get in touch with us to get a flawlessly-designed, aesthetically-pleasing and business-driven website to set you head and shoulders above your competition.



Fact! 95% of users consider sites found through search engines as industry leaders. Fact! 75% of users don’t go past the first page of search engine results.

This is where our expertise and experience comes in handy. At Discovering Digital, we craft a bespoke SEO strategy for your business. 

The team audits your site to determine your current footing. We, then, tweak the technical aspects and optimize your on-page content before diligently carrying out off-page SEO.

Our goal is to make your online presence resonate across the digital playground. With the fluid nature of SEO, our digital marketing professionals keep their finger on the pulse so that we can get you on top of your competition when it comes to search results and subject authority in your industry.

To help your brand achieve this, we:

  • Utilize our experience to mold your site into the perfect example of what search engines look for
  • Continually monitor the health of your site to ensure that we can readily react to any algorithm changes that put your lofty standing at risk
  • Provide content creation strategies to leverage your new SERP standings to increase leads and convert them into profits



Keeping your users engaged in new products, trends or services in your industry is crucial for any business trying to survive online today. 

Our strategy-savvy digital marketing professionals collaborate with your team to implement a social marketing plan that also fosters genuine engagement in your brand community.

Our in-house tools allow us to post to all of your social accounts at once, streamlining actions and enabling you to focus on other important facets of your business.

We provide a full suite of social media marketing and management services. This includes:

  • Setting up your social profiles on the various channels
  • Analyzing the path you want your brand to follow and crafting a content strategy that meshes well with this vision
  • Developing a suitable brand tone
  • Creating comprehensive social media reports to show that you’re not flushing dollars down the drain
  • Safeguarding your brand’s online reputation



Why are listings important? Great question! With over 83% of people using online search engines for looking up businesses online, making sure your listings are accurate is essential to getting you found digitally.

Our exclusive listing services will ensure that your information is accurate in over dozens of essential sites and information aggregators. We will make sure to update all four major data aggregators such as Infogroup, Factual, Acxiom, and Neustar Localeze.

This is especially crucial if your business has moved its physical location recently. Don’t delay one of the most crucial steps to keeping your customers informed.


Have an in house marketing team?

Allow us to partner with them on coming up with an efficient digital marketing strategy for your business. Let us help you today!

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